About Screenless Kids

My name’s Jackson and alongside my wife Michelle, we want to talk about parenting.

There’s no roadmap. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach and every day will bring a new challenge; oh and a new joy – We’re not negative here I promise!

But what we’re trying to elude too is that parenting is a constant daily effort to give your kids the best life you can and we want to help 🙂

As new parents ourselves (1 boy, 1 girl – both under 3), we have been on a journey of learning and experimenting to give our little kiddies the best start we can, and hopefully, our experiences so far will offer some value to your parenting journey.

So why Screenless Kids?

Look, while we’re not scientists who have done a sh!t load of research (although Michelle is a kindergarten teacher), we do believe our children don’t need to be glued to iPads or the TV to have fun and get educated, in-fact quite the opposite.

Kids crave exercise, mental stimulation, socializing, and the outdoors!

We truly believe that making these things a focus for your kids will ensure you create a healthy lifestyle from an early age that they can continue to build on as they move into school and beyond.

So enjoy ours and our team’s content, learn about products & places that will help you achieve those goals for your little dudes and dudettes but most of all – have fun creating & sharing a healthier, smarter, and happier life with them!