Kids love playing games, and parents adore their children learning at the same time. Through educational DIY (do it yourself) games, both you and your child will be able to get hands-on together and tackle key educational subjects. If you’re looking for ideas for the younger children, check out another 6 epic ideas here.

Make learning fun…this is key! Learning does not always need to be focused on paper, statistics, and 300-page books although I’m not quite sure what kid may read 300 pages.

It can be fun and interactive, get you and your child’s imagination ticking, and spend some vital bonding time with your son or daughter.

What’s not to love?

Get Your hands messy with these five education DIY games you can do at home today. 

Spelling with Lego Blocks (Children ages 3-8+)

Learning Outcome: Spelling

Lego has been around for ages now, and with many of us having boxes full of the plastic blocks, they make an excellent way for your child to spell and have a fun time building. Spelling can often be tedious for your little ones and draining; with different shaped blocks, you will be able to create a vast amount of words and sentences for them to spell and learn about phonetically.

Your need the following:

– Lego pieces. 

– Stickers to write letters upon, use a sharpie or any other permanent non-toxic pen.  

– A list of spelling words to test your child.

A fun game to implement:

A fun game that you could implement with your child is ‘Cup Lego Spelling.’ You will need a cup as well as the lego bricks. Fill the container to the top with a range of blocks, challenge your little one to make a word or two off the top of their head. Great practice for memory and spelling!

Melting Volcano Eruption! (Children ages 5-15)

Learning Outcome: Spelling

A classic by all means and a great way to get hands on making an erupting volcano. Through this activity you’re able to teach your children about the reaction of chemicals and substances while molding and painting your volcanoes for a reasonable price. A massive hit with both genders.

Please note though, it’s a bit messy, so an area such as a garden may be needed if mess ain’t your biggest love in life.

Your need the following:

– An empty water bottle.

– Something to make the volcano with, Eg. Modeling clay or play-doh.

– Baking Soda

– Washing Up Liquid 

– Food coloring (Mix it up and pick you colors, make it enjoyable!)

– Vinegar

A fun game to implement:

A game that you could implement with your child or children is ‘The Volcano Showdown.’ Challenge your children to each make a volcano, including yourself, to see who has the highest eruption! The highest wins. 

Shape Shifting! Get Shape Crazy With A DIY Geoboard! (Children ages 3-5+)

Learning Outcome: Shapes & Mathematics

You can never go wrong with a geoboard. A great way to teach your children about all kinds of shapes: if you don’t know what a geoboard is, it is a tool that involves a grid of pins on a piece of paper where you can wrap rubber bands around the pins to make all different kinds of shapes. A brilliant way to develop motor skills and very hands-on exercise. You can purchase geoboards however, this provides an excellent opportunity to get interactive with your kid and make one instead!

Your need the following:

– Isometric grid paper or graph paper 

– Cardboard. 

– Tape or glue.

– Colored drawing pins. 

– Rubber bands big and small to create several different shapes.

– A list of shapes to test your child. 

A fun game to implement:

A fun game that you could implement with your child is ‘60 Second Shape-Shifting’. You and your child can take turns to create as many shapes as possible within 60 seconds. This is also a brilliant way to get other children involved and create a little competition!

Laundry Basket Skee Ball (Children ages 3-8+)

Learning Outcome: Physical Education & Mathematics

A simple and effective game to set up and play with your children. Laundry Basket Skee Ball can be set up indoors using ordinary baskets that act as targets for points. Using ball pit balls, launch the balls into each basket with baskets that are further away, scoring you more points! You will need a basket ramp to launch the balls into the basket giving you and your kids some counting practice while also getting physical.

Your need the following:

– Laundry baskets or boxes to launch the balls into for scoring points.

– A ramp to launch the balls.

– Balls such as ball pit balls or tennis balls. 

A fun game to implement:

A fun game that you could implement with your child is ‘Skee Ball Point-Dash.’ Take turns to see how many points can be scored with ten balls. The winner is the person with the most points!

Shoebox Theater (Children ages 5-12+

Learning Outcome: Drama

Got a shoebox lying around? Take advantage and recycle it into a home theater that can be used to put on plays. You can perform historic plays while also getting hands on and interactive with your child or children to make the set. Get as creative as you want, get some inspiration. Why not take it a step further and add some working lights to the setup – your imagination is your only real limitation.

Your need the following:

– Shoebox with a lid.

– A piece of cardboard that can be used as a floor for the theatre.

– Paper and crafting materials for creating a set.

– Glue or tape.

– Get creative, and use some lights. Old Christmas lights are a perfect use that won’t cost you anything.

A fun game to implement:

A fun game that you could implement with your child is ‘A historical play such as Romeo & Juliet.’ A great chance to teach your young one about historical plays while getting creative. You also have the opportunity to play and write scripts, which adds an English aspect.

Take your pick!

With hundreds of DIY games out there it can be hard to choose, use these top 5 and get started but most of all, have fun, that’s the most important thing!

DIY educational games for kids are a great way to interact with your children and, at the same time, learn something too. It’s also a brilliant alternative to being on the computer for several hours and offers something different from learning about your favorite subjects!

We hope you have fun implementing these games into your education and taking great care to give your children the attention and loving they deserve 🙂

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